Chelsey Reist

“Stephen’s knowledge and passion for his craft is infectious. He is at once a guide and an engaged audience. Every class offered a new opportunity to perform, a new chance to deepen confidence and relationships and a new opportunity to capitalize on artistic urges. This has helped me immeasurably in my career. I always left Stephen’s class recharged, inspired, and a few inches off the ground.”

Chelsey Reist

Chelsey is known for her role as "Harper" in the post-apocalyptic drama The 100 and several films including Dark Harvest and The Tomorrow People.

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Cory Haas

“Stephen is an inspiring, passionate teacher. I was lucky to take his classes during the crucial foundation of my training. Working with Stephen in voice, movement and acting opened up new ways of thinking about my craft, of engaging with the rehearsal process, and reflecting on training in a constantly shifting landscape. This supported me in my MFA in Actor Training and Coaching.”

Cory Haas

Cory has done extensive study and completed an MFA at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. His work takes him across Europe and Canada.

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Sereana Malani

“I began my training with Stephen in 2005. Training with him is an invitation to strengthen and stretch yourself as an artist. An invitation to play, to build a new vocabulary and aesthetic, to sharpen your senses in physicalised performance. My training has enriched my professional practice in so many ways. I have utilized these tools and many more in the rehearsal hall and onstage.”

Sereana Malani

Sereana’s stage career has made her a regular performer in Bard on the Beach, Vancouver’s Shakespeare Festival, and a voice performer in the video game Mass Effect 3.

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Ryan McNeill Bolton

“As a director, Stephen fostered an environment of experimentation, collaboration and open dialogue. His passion was infectious and inspired me to push myself in new directions. While his guidance shaped our choices, we were able to freely create as a team and made a show that was truly our own. Stephen is a true creative, a generous mentor and a wellspring of knowledge.

Ryan McNeill Bolton

Ryan is a professional choreographer for combat in stage, film and motion capture performance (with Mike Kovac). He's also a principle in the web series Goons.

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Meredith Graham

“Studying with Stephen I discovered that art is not only for storytelling, but also a tool for advocacy. I found my authentic voice, learned to be comfortable in the uncomfortable, to take space, to make space and to see the movement in stillness.This laid the foundation for my future career. Stephen Atkins is a gift to the world of theatre. He is a breath of wild air with his passionate, bold, raw, attentive and generous way of teaching."

Meredith Graham

Meredith is a spoken word artist and an award-winning Youth and Family Development Worker. She facilitates workshops and delivers keynote addresses for mental health and journeying through adversity.

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Michael Kovac

“I vividly remember my first class with Stephen. I was passionate to learn, but directionless. My energy felt nuclear. I could see a kindred intensity in Stephen, but he had shaped that energy into a laser directed to help my growth. At the same time there was such room for exploration and adventure within the form! I am grateful for this time and highly recommend it to anyone looking to expand their horizons.”

Michael Kovac

Michael is as busy performing as he is producing. He's independently produced the films Mon Ami (2012) and Fake Blood (2017) as well combat work with Ryan..

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This training not only improved my acting, but made me a better director as well.

- H. M.

Classes were engaging and full of energy. No matter how I felt at the beginning of class, I always ended on a high.

-V. E.

The passion Stephen brings to his work has inspired me to continue my own work in the performing arts to this day. I was struck by his unique understanding and perspective on his craft. I would recommend his instruction to anyone serious about a career in the arts.

-Tristan Bacon, Artistic Director of working class theatre

Amazing. The energy in the class was incredible.

-N. Harrison

This was like nothing else. When you build your work to performance level, you have all these layers beneath.


The teacher really knows his stuff. He blends methods in a unique way.

-B. Anderson

My eyes were opened to all the possibilities in my performance.

- E. S.