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An affordable acting school in London

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You have good reasons to look for an acting school in London. You may be starting out or an experienced performer and need to expand your skills. The Other Acting School aims to provide a positive, centering and supportive learning environment. We promise to give all actors an opportunity for growth.


  • Acting foundations - a synthesis of a wide spectrum of methods.
  • Camera Skills and project development.
  • Movement, Yoga and Voice.
  • The Viewpoints and Crosspoints training - combined uniquely.
  • Online Learning Modules to expand your knowledge of the industry.

Our goal is to give you a foundation that helps you get work in the industry or go on to future study with other schools and academies.


London is a challenging city to study and work in. Classes run Mon to Thu from 09:30 - 18:30. You have Fridays and weekends to yourself. You also get a week-long break to study and recoup.

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  • Unique, Proven Approach

    The Other Acting School is built on sincere desire and years of research to develop a new way of training – one that uncovers your unique expressive qualities.

  • Personal & Artistic Growth

    Make deep connections within yourself, and others in an ever growing network of creative professionals.

  • Commitment

    Your teachers are working artists and professional educators committed to your growth and learning. We keep our class sizes small to ensure you get quality contact time.

  • Reasonably Priced

    Instead of a multi-year commitment, in just 13 weeks our course gives you a solid grounding to be a performer or go on to other certifications.

Apply in 4 steps:

  • Information about you

    Fill in basic information, contact details, etc..

  • Brief statement of intent

    What drew you to this work? What are your goals? (You can write this in a letter or talk about it in your audition video.)

  • Audition video

    Do any piece you like. Maximum 2 min plus the time you need to talk if you're not writing a letter.

  • Attach links & files

    If you have any files (a headshot or résumé) or links to projects you'd like us to see, just add them to the form.

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