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Three-Headed Expert

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  1. Four players: one is the interviewer, and the other 3 play a single expert with three heads.
  2. A subject is provided by the audience, for example, “The secret of the pyramids.”
  3. The interviewer asks questions, for example, “How were the pyramids built?”
  4. The experts cooperate to provide an answer, one word per player, in turn, until the answer is complete.
  5. The heads should speak without much time between them. The expert’s answers should make sense, but can be silly.

TIP: The focus of this exercise is to cooperate without leading. This works best if people really listen and take their time, go for obvious and simple answers, and don’t try to speak too fast. You can ease into this by starting off with a two-headed expert.

VARIATIONS Can be played with two or more heads.

  • FORTUNE TELLER: The audience directly asks the oracle questions about life & love.
  • INTERVIEW: The interviewer is leading a job interview, with the heads as the job applicant.
  • EXCUSES: The interviewer is an authority figure asking why the heads did something wrong. The heads work together to come up with excuses.
  • SONG (or POEM): The interviewer can raise the stakes, e.g. by leading the expert into a Word at a Time Song.

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