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Sneaking Up On Grandma

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  1. One person is chosen to be grandma. This person stands at one end of the room, facing the wall.
  2. The rest of the class starts from the opposite wall and sneaks up on her while her back is turned.
  3. At any point Grandma may turn around suddenly. At this time the participants must freeze in stillness. If Grandma sees anyone make a move she can send them back to the starting position at the opposite wall.
  4. If a participant gets close enough to touch grandma, she/he taps her on the shoulder and runs back to the opposite wall. Grandma must catch the person before she/he reaches the opposite wall.
  5. If the participant is caught, Grandma wins and the game starts again. 6. If the participant makes it all the way back to the wall without being caught, Grandma loses and the winning participant takes the role of Grandma.

TIP: This is a spin on a traditional children’s game found in many places around the world. It is a fun, competitive game that encourages good ‘freeze’ skills.

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