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Night Guard At The Museum

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  1. One Participant is chosen to be the night guard and leaves the room.
  2. While the night guard is gone a small object from the classroom is chosen to be the thing that everyone wants to steal from the museum. A marker or stapler is usually a good choice.
  3. The rest of the group is then spread out around the space with their eyes closed.
  4. The object is placed in the room. It should be in plain sight but difficult to get to. 5. Once the object is placed the night guard is allowed back in the room. The leader says “open your eyes, 3, 2, 1 go.”
  5. Everyone opens their eyes/turns around and freezes by the time the leader says, “go.”.
  6. From this point onward the guard walks around, looking to catch anyone moving while they try to get the object.
  7. If the guard sees someone move, they’re out. The guard must see someone actually moving, not just know that they have moved.
  8. The game continues until the object is taken by someone or until there are no more people to find it. TIP: this game is a good warm up for teaching stage ‘freezes’ and tableaux.

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