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Beach Boat Bank

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  1. Have the class line up along one side of the room. They are all facing the same direction. This is the “beach.”
  2. Next, have the whole line move forward to the center of the classroom. This is the “boat.”
  3. Finally, have the whole line move forward again to the other side of the classroom. This is the “bank.”
  4. Repeat the location but for each location and ask the participants to create a frozen position that represents each location. For example, while on the boat someone could be hoisting a sail or looking through binoculars. While on the beach they could be sun-tanning or surfing. At the bank it is possible to be standing in line, counting a deposit or robbing the bank.
  5. Once the positions are worked out, the leader then calls out either “beach”, “boat”, or “bank” in any order.
  6. Participants must race to each location and take the frozen position. 7. The last person to get to the correct part of the room and in their frozen position is eliminated.

TIP: The focus of this exercise is physical clarity and speed. With older groups you can include a memory component by asking for a specific composition for each location. This frozen scene must be repeated each time the location is called. If a person is in relationship with another person the scene must be reconstructed whether the person is there or not. For example, if someone is spreading lotion on another person’s back at the beach, but one has been eliminated, the remaining person must reconstruct the scene anyway.

VARIATIONS: You can create any three locations such as Library, Lunch Meeting, Laboratory

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