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Master Thief

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  1. Divide the class into pairs. Have 1-3 participants be a Master Thief.
  2. Have each pair of participants establish eye contact across the space and agree to imagine a laser beam between them about as wide as a broom handle. They can set themselves up so that the laser beams criss-cross the space at various levels. Use the eye focus to indicate the exact placement of the laser beam. You may want to rehearse this with a pair to demonstrate which movements will cross the beam and which ones won’t.
  3. Place an object in the middle of the room. This is the thing that the master thief must steal.
  4. The thief makes his/her way toward the object while avoiding the laser beams.
  5. If the thief breaks a pair’s laser beam, they say “Buzz!”
  6. Thieves are allowed three “buzzes” before they are out.

For added drama, you can set-up the laser beams while the thieves are outside the room. Play the theme from “Mission Impossible”, giving the thieves the duration of the song to succeed.

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