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Invisible Super-Clay

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  1. Start by having all the participants stand in a circle, facing the center.
  2. Mime a large blob of clay as you explain to the group that this is super-clay. It can be molded into anything you need and it can be used right away.
  3. Demonstrate this by pressing and molding it into any object such as a hat, a shovel or a computer keyboard. Once you have molded it demonstrate using it.
  4. Wear the hat, dig with the shovel or type on the keyboardAfter.
  5. you have used it, squish it back into a formless blob and hand it to the next person.
  6. The clay is super-clay, so it is OK to change its size and weight. One person can make a spear out of it while another can make it into a toothpick.
  7. Continue this until the entire circle has had a turn.

VARIATIONS To increase miming skills, don’t squish the clay back into a blob before passing it along. Instead, pass the finished object to the next person and they must form their new object from the previous one.

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