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I Am A Tree (Level 2)

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This game emphasizes cooperation and support of an idea. A participant’s contribution is validated by becoming the inspiration of the next person’s offer.

  1. Game starts out like “I Am A Tree”.
  2. The participants stand just outside the prescribed performance space (a circle or an end of the room). The first participant enters, forms the shape of a tree and says, “I am a [name of the thing]”.
  3. The next participant adds to the picture by taking a position in relation to the last thing that was said. For example, “I am the bench under the tree,” and taking on a physical shape of that object.
  4. The next one might say, “I am the squirrel climbing on the bench”.
  5. The first person (in this case, the tree) chooses one of the two things that have been added, saying, “I take the bench…” or “I take the squirrel,” and then they leave the center and go back to the circle.
  6. Then the one person left repeats what they are. For example, “I am a squirrel.”
  7. A new participant adds to the picture. For example, “I am a nut in the squirrel’s paws.”
  8. The additions can be very wide in scope. For example, “I am the factory that packages the nuts.” and “I am the daughter of the businessman who owns the nut factory.”
  9. Once the group gets to be good at this, you can start with something other than a tree.

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