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  1. The players stand in a circle with their eyes closed.
  2. Choose a number under 10.
  3. Get all the participants to stand in a circle, facing the center, with their eyes closed. For a more relaxed version, they can lay on their backs with their heads toward the center.
  4. One at a time the participants must speak a number in sequence, counting up from one to the goal number.
  5. Each participant adds one number. However, if there is long hesitation (the teacher must be the judge) or if two participants shout the next number at the same time, then the entire group must start over.
  6. The idea is to have each performer contribute one number until the goal number is reached. Ideally the goal number should be equal to the number of participants. Then no one has the chance to fade into the background.
  7. This exercise develops group-mind – for listening and feeling when it’s the right time to jump in. This exercise is challenging and you might want to ease into it by having a lower goal number (10) and allowing people to contribute more than once. Once the group gets good at this you can raise the number. Most often you won’t reach the goal, but you can set a time limit of three or four minutes to see how close the group can get today. It makes completing the exercise a rare ‘win’ and adds energy to the group.

    VARIATION: For a physically and mentally challenging version, have the players randomly run around the room in all directions while counting as above. This version is more appropriate for physical theatre or older groups.

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