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Assassin (& Triangles)

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There are two versions of this game. Triangles requires more patience and determination, suitable for teens and adults.

  1. Everyone in the class silently selects one person to be their bodyguard, and somebody else to be their assassin. Don’t say out loud who picked who for what.
  2. When the game starts, the entire class is allowed to walk around the room.
  3. Everyone tries to protect themselves by trying to keep their bodyguard between themselves and their assassin. This causes a lot of reaction and movement as everyone adjusts and shifts their positions.
  4. Everyone must pay attention to the location of both their bodyguard and assassin, and keep moving because everyone else will be moving as well.
  5. This game does not end until the teacher says it is over. Once the end is called, everyone reveals who was picked for what.

VARIATION: Instead of a bodyguard and assassin, each person silently picks two other people and tries to form an equal-sided triangle with them. This version will also cause a lot of chaotic movement at first but will settle down to complete stillness once all the triangles are formed. At the end ask everyone to point to their other two partners. Unlike Assassin, this game eventually resolves in a settled, balanced group composition. It can be used to center a group’s focus and awareness of each other.

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