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  1. Ask 5-6 players to take the stage. Select one to be the film director. The rest are the actors in the film.
  2. The film director is going to pitch a brand new film to the audience. The audience is a group of investors, producers and festival managers.
  3. The scene starts with a member of the audience asking the director to present his film. The audience member makes up the title. For example, “The Day It Rained Jello”, “Spaghetti Wars” or “A Fistful of Air.”
  4. The director performs a brief pitch off the top of his head; a synopsis of the story and a set up of a scene to be played out by the other actors. For example, “Spaghetti Wars is a story about rival pasta restaurant owners. However the son and daughter from the rival families fall in love.” This scene is then played out by the actors.
  5. After this is done, (the scene is only a minute or two long) the director explains that they realized a love story would not appeal to the male audience and asks the producers for a remedy. The producers (audience) can play characters as well. They might have a meeting to determine that a spy-action sequence is needed.
  6. Then the director and actors play a sequence that is inspired by the original synopsis, but incorporates this completely new ides. For example, the young lovers steal a family recipe from the safe.
  7. After this sequence the director takes another change from the producers. Perhaps in post production they decided to edit it creatively and make an Action/Romance/Horror movie. This is played out by the actors. For example, the guests of the restaurant are terrorized by ghost spaghetti requiring an exorcism.
  8. Do three major changes in all before the director explains that this was the final draft of the movie.

TIP: This is similar to the exercise “Genres” and might be considered an advanced version. It is important that the director makes suggestions without guiding the whole acting sequence to follow. The director’s role is to give suggestions for the actors (setting up) to incorporate, not tell them exactly what the scene will be.

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