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  1. Have all participants form a circle, facing the center.
  2. Use a small, soft beanbag or stuffed toy to throw to a member of the circle.
  3. The catcher then throws it to someone else and crosses his or her arms.
  4. This is the first part of a repeatable sequence. Participants must memorise who they received the beanbag from and who they threw it to.
  5. Continue passing to those who have not crossed their arms. Eventually everyone will have a place in the sequence. Rehearse it once by throwing a beanbag to the first player again and repeating what has been previously established.
  6. Once it goes down the sequence and gets to the last person, the bean bag is tossed back up the sequence in a reverse order until it is back in the hands of the first player.
  7. Introduce vocabulary. Each toss must be accompanied by a word. Try Objects that start with the letter “c”. You can try things you can see in the room. You can also do objects in alphabetical order; “apple”, “bat”, “chicken”, doorknob” etc.
    TIPS: You can add an elimination element to this game if you want to. However it is a difficult game and the point is to get vocabulary working while other parts of the brain are occupied.

    VARIATIONS: If this is not already difficult enough, you can add a second ball. One goes down the established sequence while the other goes up. The person at the midway point will have to be very quick and nimble.

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